Tenant Horror Story

By: Blake Osborne

The following is a true story that happened earlier this year.

IMG_0734Rewind. It’s May of my junior year at the University of Montana. I finally got the call saying my four good friends and I were approved for the house we applied for and in a couple weeks, could start moving in. My last two years were spent in a small apartment, miles from campus. Finally, I’ll get to experience what it’s like to live in a college house.

Time went on and we started to get some personal belongings moved in before we all went back to our hometowns for break. Multiple times over the summer we took turns bringing pieces of furniture or personal belongings to the house trying to make it feel like home. On a few different occasions we even came down and spent multiple nights in the house, and for the most part, everything felt… right.

By this time, it was the beginning of August and Kevin, one of the four roommates, decided to move in. This would be Kevin’s first semester at the University of Montana as he had just decided to transfer from Orange County California. Although he still says he is glad he came, I doubt Kevin ever would have moved if he knew what was in store for him. He had just spent the early part of his summer backpacking across Europe by himself and had become very familiar with sleeping in strange places, spending a lot of time reading and journaling, and frankly just being with himself. So the move to Missoula felt very normal for him. At this point he was the only roommate living in the house and barely knew anyone in town. His days consisted of long drives, reading, and trying to stay sane in a house without tv or internet. For the first couple nights everything went great. Then, things started to get weird.

Kevin had never been superstitious and was never one to shy away from a frightening situation so when he started to find lights turned on in the basement, that he couldn’t remember turning on, or items in the house mysteriously being found in new locations, he would convince himself that it was his own doing and force the thoughts out of his mind. He kept doing this until the bizarre happenings got out of control. He started to hear whispers and laughing late at night. One night the sounds were so loud Kevin went room to room, closet to closet, but still found nothing. When he called me and told me about these events, I convinced him that he was going crazy. I would say; “You’ve spent too much time alone” or “You probably had too much to drink,” so once again, Kevin convinced himself the noises where nothing to worry about. Looking back, I feel bad for not believing him.I convinced myself Kevin was crazy and everything was fine! But man was I wrong…

A couple weeks went by and Kevin was still experiencing these strange occurrences but never got to the point of brining it up again. Finally, Kaitlyn (one of the other roommates), and I decided to move down to zoo to get settled in and have some fun before the semester started. Kevin couldn’t have been more relieved that he wouldn’t have to spend another night in that house alone.

The first couple nights with the 3 of us in the house turned in to a non-stop party. Friends were back in town and we had the prime house for a college party. Immediately all the fears that Kevin, and even I had about the house vanished and the semester looked promising. After a few nights of constant partying, Kev decided to take a break and escape to Canada on a photoshoot. Now it was just Kaitlyn and I, and this is where things got interesting.

Kaitlyn and I decided to go out one night and have dinner at a friends. Before leaving we were sure to lock all the doors even though we would only be gone a couple hours. It was around 11pm when we got back home and we were both exhausted. We did one more walk through to check the doors and Kaitlyn went to her room in the basement and I went to mine upstairs. At 3:30am my phone started ringing, it was Kaitlyn. “Hello?”

“You need to come downstairs”

“Is everything okay?!”

“No… Not really… Please get down here!!!”

Immediately I hung up and scrambled to put clothes on. As I ran out of my room Kaitlyn met me in the laundry room at the top of the stairs. “What’s wrong?!” I asked. Her response, “there is somebody in my room” I stared at her in shock.

“What do you mean there is someone in your room!?!”

“I woke up to a girl standing over me staring at me asking where the attic was cause there were people looking for her outside and she needed to hide.”

Immediately I started to think, if there is one person in the house, how many others could there be, and why the hell are people looking for her!? Kaitlyn and I immediately ran outside and called 911. The police showed up and 5 officers rushed inside. After 10 minutes went by, the officers came out but with no one in custody.

“House is clear; no one is in there but the back door was open wide” the officer exclaimed.

Kaitlyn gave a formal statement about the description of the girl and any other facts we could remember. The officer and I then went door to door to make sure everything was sealed tight. At this point Kaitlyn and I knew we weren’t getting any sleep and I told her to come stay with me til the morning. Understandably, Kaitlyn was terrified, and called her mom for some motherly comfort. After explaining the story, her mom advised us to go back down to the room to check for all her personal belongings and to be sure nothing was stolen. So we did… I’m still not sure if that was a mistake or if it was a good thing but either way… we did.

As we were walking though the laundry room I noticed a shower curtain rod that we had taken down and grabbed it more as a joke and to comfort Kaitlyn then as a serious choice for a weapon. I looked at Kaitlyn and said, “just in case anyone pops out at me,” and gave a smirk. We got to her room and started to check for her belongings, at this point Kaitlyn was on the phone with her mom and I got down to check under the bed, then… Kaitlyn screamed.

I looked up to see a girl emerging from the sheets just a couple feet away from me. She was covered in bruises and scabs, her eyes were sunken in, and her shirt was covered in dirt and blood. When people ask what she looked like, the best explanation I can give is, “you know the meth billboards? Yeah like that, but 10 times worse.” As she came out from the sheets she was violently waving her arms scratching and clawing at me. Immediately I jumped back and pushed her away with the shower curtain rod I was now not joking about having. She continued to attack me and used Kaitlyn’s laptop as her weapon of choice throwing it at me and hitting me with it repeatedly. As this confrontation was unfolding, Kaitlyn hung up on her mom and called the police. We joke now that it would be hilarious to hear that 911 call. You know when you get really scared and your voice drops to levels you didn’t know possible? Well that is what happened to me. On top of that I probably confused the hell out of the intruder. At first I would scream and tell her to get **** out of our house, then I would realize I didn’t want her to leave cause I wanted the cops to catch her so I would scream telling her to get on the ground… in her tweaked out mind she was doing nothing wrong, all she could probably think is, “what do you want me to do?!?” Any ways the confrontation went on and the girl jumped to the window opened it and kicked out the screen. I then tried to hold her back from escaping out the egress but was hesitant to touch her since she had visible open sores and scabs. She kept making the motion as if she was about to jump on me and it created enough space that she was able to climb out the window and escape.

Kaitlyn and I sprinted upstairs to try and catch her but she was long gone. The cops then came racing up and advised me to put the shower curtain rod down as I stormed up to them furious they missed the trespasser in plain sight. At this point we went back into the house with an officer to find the back door unlocked and open again, leading us to realize there was more than one intruder in the house. The cops advised us to stay somewhere else that night until we could figure out what was going on, so we packed bags and got the hell out of there.

The next morning mine and Kaitlyn’s parents came down to help us figure out the situation. We made contact with the landlord and informed him of the events from the previous night, however, he was very standoffish and aggressive towards us about the situation. That day we started to go through the house and discovered some peculiar items. The utility room had holes drilled into the air ducts that pumped outside, a trashcan hidden in the same room contained respirators and soldering tools, there was a red substance that had the smell of sulfur, and there were many signs pointing towards us living in a meth lab. With all of this information we decided to have the house tested for meth, within an hour of the testing service showing up, they told us with complete certainty that someone had used this house as a meth lab very recently.

Now Kevins’ stories didn’t seem so crazy, the girl that broke in told Kaitlyn she was looking for the attic and said multiple times, “I know there’s an attic in here.” All those nights Kevin heard voices and laughing but never could find anyone, and found doors unlocked and lights on. He wasn’t crazy, there were people in the house but they were hidden in the attic. The neighbors behind us confirmed this when they said they saw groups of people coming and going from the back door all summer long and at all times of the day. Big groups, small groups sometimes just one or two people… but just about every day… all summer long. It was at this point we knew we had to get out of there, so, we moved. The Friday before school started we found a great house walking distance from the U and signed the papers.

Although the whole situation was terrifying and has been something we all have had to deal with, we ended up in a better spot because of it and we can’t help but thank God it wasn’t someone who was trying to hurt us in the house that night. The situation could have been so much worse. Instead of having a complete horror/tragedy story, now we have a crazy, pretty scary, and at times hilarious tale to tell.

So overall, the moral of the story is to be leery of landlords, always check under the sheets for possible intruders, and keep a shower curtain rod handy. If you do those three things, life as a tenant should be easy.

Run into Washington-Grizzly Stadium with the Griz

Thousands of fans pack Washington-Grizzly Stadium on Saturday’s for game day. The stadium, which is known for it’s noise has received accolades from players, coaches, and ESPN announcers. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo told ESPN that Washington-Grizzly Stadium was the loudest environment he had ever played in. So, what does it feel like to play for the Griz and run out of the tunnel into one of the best atmospheres college football has to offer? Watch this 360° video to find out!

Have a VR headset? Use it to feel like you are running out with the team!

*Watch on a desktop or the YouTube App for the 360° effect!


Thanks for watching!

Natural Teeth Whitening Secrets Revealed

How to Whiten Teeth and Improve Oral Hygiene 

Coffee. Beer. Tea. Wine. All wonderful indulgences that, while making life a little more productive and fun, take one hell of a toll on our teeth.

There are endless treatments, gels, strips, and washes that claim to do the best job at keeping your teeth white and your mouth clean. Their claims may be true but can also be expensive and harsh on your gums.

After using Crest Whitestrips for an extended period of time in my younger years, I found my teeth were exponentially more sensitive to heat and cold and when I took a hiatus from them to re-build the enamel, my teeth didn’t stay as strong, nor as white. I also noticed that my gums were red and swollen for a few minutes after taking them off from extended use. Not good.

Mouth washes, like Listerine, are filled with harsh alcohol that overtime can dry out your mouth which creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Not good.

So, I looked into alternatives and developed a regimen to keep my teeth white, my gums healthy, and my mouth clean and free of toxins that stick from eating and drinking.


Activated Charcoal

Possibly one of the best multi-use products to have around the house. It works by absorbing toxins and gasses into its tiny pores to pull them out of something. In this case, your teeth.

After brushing with regular toothpaste, floss your teeth to create space for the charcoal to clean your teeth and gums from all angles. Next, dip your brush in the charcoal and brush for two minutes. Be careful, this stuff is messy but typically does not stain most surfaces or fabrics.

Rinse your mouth well with water to make sure you have cleaned all the charcoal out before the next step. (Note: it is not harmful to swallow the activated charcoal. Many people take this in capsule form as a dietary supplement.)

You can purchase bulk activated charcoal here.

Coconut Oil-Pulling

Ah, coconut oil. The holy grail of all purpose home supplies. I have used this for years as lotion, in my coffee, for cuts and scars, and now for teeth whitening and dental hygiene.

After you have brushed, flossed, and brushed again take 1 tablespoon of raw coconut oil and swirl it around your mouth for 15-20 minutes.

This is a great practice to do in the shower as you cannot talk or open your mouth for the time that you are oil-pulling.

Oil pulling gets its name because the coconut oil works to pull toxins out of your mouth and leave you with healthy, strong teeth. While this is a practice that I have recently started, oil pulling is said to date back to 5000 years ago.

I encourage you to try this regimen and guarantee within a week you will see a huge difference!

Doing this will also keep you from getting sick and will overall improve your health and wellness.

Happy Healthing,


Why Everyone Should Watch The Office

Image result for the office

One of my favorite shows of all time is The Office. I’ve watched all 9 seasons way too many times to count, and here are the reasons why I think every person should at least give it a try.

The Office is a mockumentary style show that documents the daily life of employees at Dunder Mifflin, a paper company.  Most of the criticisms I hear about The Office have to do with the slow start to the show, and I agree it takes a while to get into to. However I think that slow start allows the watcher to really understand and get to know all of the small nuances of each character.

The first time I really sat down and watched it, it took me until the 5th season to really fall in love with all of the characters, but when I fell I fell hard. I either hated or loved every single character and I still wanted them all to succeed. That being said if I had to itemize every reason why you should watch the office It would take forever and a much longer blog post, but I can highlight some of the most important ones.

  1. The Character Development

Michael Scott is far from the worlds best boss. He starts as a fairly selfish person who clings on to those who he thinks are ‘cool’, while ignoring and mistreating those who actually care for him. He looks for love based on all of the wrong reasons, even going as far to stay with an abusive women because she got a boob job. Eventually Michael sees the error of his ways (sort of). You may start off hating him but you soon learn that he really is a good person deep (deeeeeep) down.

Image result for michael the office
“I’m not superstitious but… I am a little stitious”

Its not just Michael who evolves as a person though, everyone goes through some kind of transformation. Whether its Jim finally realizing he has more potential than just being a sales man, or Ryan finally ‘mastering’ commitment, each character changes and grows just like every real person. The fact that its not just the main characters who evolve really speaks to the level of detail and forethought that the writers put into the show.

Not only does Michael evolve as a person but he leaves Dunder Mifflin after almost 19 years for the only fitting reason: finding his soul mate. This brings me to my second point; The love stories.

2. The Love Stories

Image result for jim and pam
“When you’re a kid you assume your parents are soulmates. My kids are going to be right about that.”

You have the obvious stories of office romance. Jim Halpert the lazy salesman and Pam Beesly the smart, funny, and cute reception is one that gets started right away in season 1, but it takes them FIVE SEASONS to actually do anything about it.

Image result for michael and holly proposal episode
“Holly Flax, marrying me will you be?” “Your wife becoming be will I”

Then you have Michael  who proposes to Holly after a being a part for so long. Luckily we are 100% sure that they are soul mates. They are literally perfect for each other in every way right down to the bad Yoda impressions.

Without giving too much away there is also a secret affair that leads to one of the most perfect weddings in history of television (purely my opinion) which makes me sob every single time. Romantic love is not the only kind of love stories though. The friendships made throughout the season both on screen and off are one of the more moving parts of the show. Co workers who otherwise would never be friends become the best of friends and go above and beyond for each other. Image result for dwight and pam cryingDwight, the socially awkward beet farmer who constantly reminds everyone that they are inferior to him, shows that he truly does love and care for them and even goes as far as calling Pam his best friend.

There is also those who find families, one finding the parents she never knew, another finally having the child she so desperately wanted (however questionable the circumstances were).

Not only I am so invested in the show and its characters that its an emotional roller coaster for me (I cry at pretty much everything though)  the humor is what makes me stick around, and elevates it beyond any other show that i’ve watched.

3. The Humor

Image result for creed halloween
“It’s Halloween? That is really good timing.”

Now the humor in this show is definitely not for everyone, it is subtle and if you aren’t paying attention you could miss it. It doesn’t come from just the main characters either. Personally I think the funniest characters on the show are the background characters. Creed, the creepy quality assurance director has some of the best quotes of the show. It is heavily implied that he is/was into some pretty hardcore drugs and other illegal activities. He always seems out of it and says seemingly random random things that the other characters don’t get, but under closer inspection may just be his confusing interpretation of the world around him. He’s smart though and finds ways to keep his job even though he doesn’t actually do anything and sells company property for his own personal benefit.

The other character that I think has some of the best lines is Kelly Image result for kelly kapoor business bitchKapoor. She’s zany, she’s not easy to manage and her new years resolution was to get more attention. She is definitely not PC and that’s what makes her character so funny. Her whole story arc is not about rising up the corporate ladder, but finding love with a guy who is arguably more self absorbed than she is (a pretty big feat).

Of course who could forget about the pranks Jim plays on Dwight. Like the time he put his stapler in jello, or put his desk in the bathroom, or put all of his desk items into the vending machine, or the identity theft prank (identity theft is no joke), or the time he Meatball’d him, or the time Pam and Jim Image result for asian jim pranklearned Morse code so they could talk about Dwight in front of him, or my personal favorite when they hired an actor to pretend to be Jim and convince Dwight that Jim is Asian.

I think the point of this show isn’t to be over the top, or to be side splitting-ly funny. I think the point of this show is to make a connection with the audience. These characters are all real people with real faults, that everyone can relate to. You can see yourself in the situations they are in and sympathize with them. You’re either rooting for or against them, but every time I watch it, it comes to an end all to soon. You have been with these people through all their triumphs, failures. heartbreak, and joy. You see into the most personal part of their lives and you become a part of it.

“I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them”

Image result for the office panel scene

5 Things You Thought You Knew About Studying Abroad in Europe


I’m going to go ahead and make a biased, totally un-researched assumption right off the bat: every person who has studied abroad would describe the experience as “life-changing.” I can make that assumption with unwarranted confidence because that’s the only way most people, including myself, can capture everything in an accurate phrase without boring the person who asked. “Life-changing” is the only way we can describe riding a time machine to Rome or standing where a queen once stood or being overwhelmed with the immense diversity that’s crammed into such a small area of the world. “Life-changing” is also the only way we can talk about living where no one knows you and finding your truest self by hanging out with strangers (who eventually become your best friends).

Unfortunately, describing a study abroad experience as “life-changing” is also one of the most cliché ways to go about it—and it’s not the only cliché about studying abroad that needs to be examined a little closer. If you’re thinking about studying abroad, or maybe just avoiding homework, here are some common misconceptions to be aware of:

  1. Studying abroad is just for rich kids.

Studying abroad is definitely more expensive than staying put, but I trust that most people can make it work. Let me break it down by using the University of Montana as an example: UM is partnered with over 50 international schools in about 25 different countries, which means that you can pay your tuition to UM while studying at a school abroad. So, if you choose a partner program, you’ll probably only have to budget extra for travel and living expenses, which can also be supplemented by a wide variety of scholarship opportunities if you play your cards right.

Plus, once you get there, traveling around the area is surprisingly affordable – plane tickets can be around 50€/round trip if you’re savvy and hostel reservations are even cheaper than that.


  1. Studying in Europe = 6 months of non-stop partying

It’s true that almost every European country you visit is going to say they’re the best at making and drinking some sort of alcohol (I was in Germany, so, naturally, they loved their beer). That being said, however, there’s actually a lot to do over there besides partying – while I was abroad, I spent most of my time exploring different countries, going to all sorts of events in the community, hanging out with friends, and even volunteering at a local refugee shelter. And partying, of course.

Plus, there’s a cool old church around just about every corner if you ever get really bored.

  1. You’ll make tons of local friends.

Locals tend to hang out with themselves, so meeting and befriending them can be a little challenging. The good news is that you immediately get tossed in with a huge group of international students who are also looking to make friends for the next six months or so. It’s like a freshman year in the dorms all over again!


  1. You’ll be fluent in that one language by the end of it.

Clearly this depends on a lot of factors, including your prior knowledge of the language and the region that you study in. Top three phrases I
recommend prioritizing, no matter the language or level: “Excuse me,” “Please,” and “Can I pet your dog?”

  1. You don’t actually study when you’re studying abroad.

I studied considerably less, but I still had to keep up with it. To generalize, the European education system differs from the American one majorly through class structure and expectations. Most people I’ve talked to agree that classes have less consistent evaluations (i.e., homework), meaning your final grade basically depends on your final exam. However, that also means you’ll have more free-time during the semester to do some experiential learning, like actually living your life in Europe, instead.


As an obvious disclaimer, not everyone will have the same experience that I did. Some people will party with their local friends for all six months, speaking the language fluently, blowing life savings on crêpes and seafood, and not showing up to class until the last week – and they’ll probably have a freaking awesome time doing it.

As cliché as it sounds, studying abroad changes lives – but you’ll never know how it can change yours until just get on the plane and go.

7 Reasons Why Getting a Dog is not a Good Idea During College


20160619_110114College is hard as is. But to add a dog, into the mix… what could I have possibly been thinking?! Take it from me; being a college student and caring for my dog, Lilo, is too much! Here are 7 reasons proving why college and dogs just do not mix.

No more sleeping in.

Every single morning, I swear, Lilo wakes me up before 8 o’ clock, which is just soooo early. Even worse, she wakes me up by nudging herself in between my pillow and my head and proceeds to lick my face. Man, puppy kisses are so annoying.


Dogs require a ton of money to care for.

A dog is a HUGE money guzzler. I have to spend a whopping $45 a month on her for food, toys, and other necessities. I have to cancel my monthly nail appointment just to afford that!




Who would want someone that is there for you no matter what, who listens to every problem you have at any time of the day, who loves you through everything, no if’s, and’s, or but’s? That’s right, No one. Best friends are overrated!



They take up so much of your time.

Dogs are really demanding. They require so much up-keep: a few walks around the block, trips to the dog park… It’s just too much. I don’t have time to balance school and my social life AND a dog. Just to make things worse, I can’t bring my dog with me anywhere ! Nowadays, no establishments are dog-friendly and all my friends just hate when I bring an adorable dog with me when we hang out. UGH.



Dogs don’t make you that happy.

Dogs are just kind of there. You don’t get emotionally attached to them at all. They don’t become the center of your world nor do they make you question how you survived before they entered your life. And there are zero scientific findings on the life-long positive effects of owning a dog… absolutely none.


You become more responsible.

It drives me CRAZY that I actually had to learn how to be responsible when adopted Lilo. Why couldn’t I have just learned responsibility once I was out of college… in the real world… with no money and no plans?! That would have been way better than learning a valuable life lesson in college. I would much prefer falling flat on my face due to my irresponsibility in a few years!


Dogs just aren’t cute.

ESPECIALLY puppies. Their fur isn’t even that fluffy and soft and those puppy dog eyes never tug at my heart strings. None of it’s cute! Not even when you try and get your dog to howl but they just can’t so it sounds like this…



By Kailey Norman